Allianz Arena Living Lab Workshop (March 5-6)


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A two-day workshop was held at Allianz Arena, bringing together all partners and stakeholders of GEMINI MLL3 Munich, including the representatives from the Twin City of Porto. The main purpose of the workshop was to:

  1. Discuss the objectives of the MLL3 case, focusing on mobility management during sports events, and review preliminary results from partner’s work on parking and traffic modeling during the games.
  2. Monitor traffic conditions and stadium operations in a real-life setting during a football game.

Day 1: Stakeholder Workshop and Football Game Visit

The workshop was hosted at Allianz Arena and started with a welcome session and introduction from FC Bayern representatives as well as VW (MLL Leader) provided an overview of the GEMINI project and the objectives of the Munich Living Lab. Furthermore, FC Bayern officials shared key information about the stadium, its infrastructure, the football team’s sustainability strategies and metrics.

In addition, during the first day the presentations and discussions also focused on:

  • The design of a fans’ survey developed by Volkswagen in collaboration with FCB for gathering information and modeling preferences of fans regarding various transport options
  • AIMSUN traffic simulation scenarios, modeling steps, and preliminary results as well as VMZ and YUNEX introduced the requirements and benefits of the new technology and app under development
  • Participants from GEMINI’s Twin City Porto had the opportunity to present their case challenges and exchange ideas and approaches.

The end of the day concluded with a site visit to the Allianz Arena stadium where partners had the chance to observe and document the challenges in terms of congestion and the patterns of traffic before and after a game.

Day 2: Conclusions and Next Steps

The second day started with a session documenting the experiences and insights from the previous day around the traffic situation in and out of the stadium during the football game. In more detail, the workshops participants used different modes of travel to reach and leave the stadium, noticing that public transportation was at capacity and car delays were higher than expected, especially when leaving the stadium.

The workshop concluded with two breakout sessions focusing on:

  • Modeling: Survey design, simulations, scenarios to test, and interventions.
  • Technology: Mobility App features and other IT services.

Finally, the insights, observations, and discussions from the two days were documented to guide and improve upcoming efforts focused on finalizing modeling outputs and launching the fan survey.




Volkswagen AG Data Lab is a hub of data-driven innovation for the Volkswagen Group’s business departments, brands and markets. VW as GEMINI MLL3 coordinator, the key activities and responsibilities include the developing data-driven strategies for traffic flow optimization, and alignment of the technical and business objectives of the different stakeholders.


Although FC Bayern Munich is not an official partner of the GEMINI project, as the parent company of Allianz Arena Stadion GmbH, it is an important stakeholder in the project. FC Bayern Munich represents various interests in the project. The aim is to improve the stadium experience and fan satisfaction when traveling to and from the stadium.


acts as a technical partner and provider in the Munich MLL of the GEMINI project. Services to be developed by VMZ will be a mobility data platform, a multi- and intermodal route planner, trip monitoring and the  integration of virtual traffic message signs. At the MLL workshop at Allianz Arena in Munich VMZ observed the traffic situation and traffic options and discussed possibilities of providing services for the fan app.


is a software company that provides end-to-end software solutions and services for transportation planning and traffic management. Within the Munich MLL, Aimsun participates as a technical partner to offer traffic simulation and artificial intelligence-based solutions to improve traffic management at Allianza Arena.


acts as a technical partner and solution provider in the Munich MLL of the GEMINI project. YUNEX will implement a traffic management system to pilot several integrated applications, achieving coherent use case management with an intuitive UI, addressing the complete value chain for traffic analysis, management, and information dissemination.

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