On June 3 and 4, 2024, GEMINI partners gathered in Porto, Portugal, for the annual general meeting. One year into the project, the goals and achievements have been many.

During the first day of the PGA and Plenary Meeting, the events commenced with bilateral exchanges and working groups. The official proceedings of the Project General Assembly began with a Modelling Workshop led by CENEX.

This was followed by a comprehensive project overview and progress report presented by Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), and INLECOM. The assembly then reviewed various work packages: WP1 on Business and Operational Models by UPM, WP2 on the Impact Assessment Framework for the Evaluation of New Mobility Services (NMS) by Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML), and WP6 on Communication and Dissemination by Bluegreen Strategy (BGS). An open questions and discussion session ensued, allowing for active participant engagement.

The focus then shifted to WP3 with updates and an interactive poster session involving all Mobility Living Labs (MLLs), led by Region Hovedstaden (REGH). This was followed by a discussion on WP4, Mobility Data Labs, presented by the Instituto Tecnico de Aragon and the WP4 team. The day concluded with a wrap-up and outlook session by UEMI and INLECOM.

On the second day, the GEMINI partners had the incredible opportunity to visit the EstádiodoDragão in Porto. The Mobility Living Lab of Porto focuses on integrating mobility management around the stadium, making this visit particularly inspiring and relevant to our project. The day started with a host introduction by João Borges, Vice-Presidente and Executive Director of FC Porto at the stadium. This was followed by presentations from Porto and Munich MLL which also focuses on integrated mobility and parking management around Allianz Arena (FC Bayern football stadium).

Afternoon activities included the GEMINI Plenary Meeting focusing on Business and Operational Models and the Impact Assessment Framework for Evaluating New Mobility Services. Furthermore, the SUM Project coordinator joined the GEMINI partners in Porto, giving them insights and learnings. This was followed by an online interaction session with representatives of, SUM, SPINE and SOLUTIONSPlus projects. The day concluded with the GEMINI Executive Board Meeting involving key project stakeholders.

Overall, the two days were packed with insightful sessions, collaborative exchanges, and strategic planning, significantly contributing to the progress and success of the GEMINI project.

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